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Wind power field

Strong winds and bad factors. Storm and remote locations. All kinds of problems will affect the performance and reliability of the fan. When the fan is stopped due to maintenance or equipment failure, the cost of maintenance, labor cost and crane cost will rise sharply. Longer waiting time for spare parts will further increase costs.

Whether on shore or offshore, any factor that can reduce maintenance will help to improve the investment return of the fan and reduce its normalized power cost (LCOE). With the increasing scale of wind turbines and mounting sites, the ability to predict and prevent equipment failures is becoming increasingly important to ensure high profitability of wind farms. Therefore, reliable components, intelligent operations and maintenance processes are critical to ensuring the profitability of wind farms. Proven product lifecycle management solutions can help.

Enhance the performance, reliability and energy output of the fan from the beginning of the industry. Today, we are helping the wind farm owners, operators and maintenance providers use a variety of wind maintenance solutions to achieve this purpose, help to prolong the running time, the fan added value, and improve the performance of each stage in the life cycle of the fan. With our global engineering, manufacturing and service capabilities, we can quickly provide you with a standard or upgraded version of the product. Vibration measurement and analysis by remote monitoring, we can help predict the remaining service life of various components, so as to ensure that the equipment running longer, and make the maintenance more cost-effective. In short, these product lifecycle management solutions will help you increase energy production and reduce LCOE.

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