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Mining machinery

Mining machinery, construction machinery active places, mostly in mountainous areas and desert areas away from the ordinary life of the mining site, and sometimes even work underground 2000 meters. There are many kinds of machines, from mineral crushing machines to cutting machines, screening machines, loading machines, conveying machines, etc., which are 24 hours running equipment every day. No matter what kind of machinery failure occurs in these machines, it will have a great impact on the production of the mining site, and because of the recent large-scale machinery, but also make maintenance work become very difficult.

Therefore, in the use environment of bearings, "heavy load + impact load", "light load + high speed rotation", "heavy load + low-speed rotation" and so on bearings are very harsh conditions. Therefore, the bearings desired by users are products with robustness, durability and high reliability to withstand these harsh conditions.

In order to meet the needs of users, the core technology, material technology, lubrication technology and analytical technology, has been integrated with the most advanced bearing design technology, which is devoted to the related research and development. The results achieved can provide substantially beyond the past bearing "long life and high speed limit" the level of the target product for customers to improve environment on-site production efficiency and reduce the cost of maintenance contribution. In addition, NSK also provides new solutions corresponding to environmental protection requirements.

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