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Agricultural machinery

The growing demand for modern agriculture, scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure, and crop rotation make each farm unique. Agricultural equipment needs to operate in many similar challenging conditions. Mud, dust and debris all over the place. The temperature of extreme heat and cold. Rain scour. And sometimes corrosive chemicals. After a long period of inactivity, high intensity operation is needed. Rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations can only complicate matters.

Agricultural solutions can meet these needs, and we understand the needs of modern farmers. Together we went into their fields to explore the challenges they face and the issues they are concerned about. We work closely with the original equipment manufacturers to develop solutions to practical problems, and then examine the feasibility of the solution in our laboratory and work farm.

Agricultural solutions - the development of a range of products and services to help original equipment manufacturers and farmers meet the growing needs of changing industries. No matter what the product is from complex combination to agricultural solutions makes accessories special end users benefit: reduced maintenance cost, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the use amount of fuel oil, and the automation and precision is higher and higher, to improve the working ability of equipment safety and comfort.

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