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Railway Industry

In the field of rail transportation, motor cars are vehicles for power. A motor train can be a traction unit for a locomotive or emu.

Autorail Grande Capacit (AGC) in AGC FAG and Bombardier Transportation wheel drive bearing in 2007 500 cars manufactured in new AGC fast train for SNCF. According to the requirements of the French national railway, AGC meets the needs of the French region because of its wide range of models.

That is to say, it can only be supplied to AGC internal combustion or electric power, or it can also be an internal electric combination. You can also change the capacity by linking two to four carriages together.
Due to the modular design (using the same components), although more models, maintenance and service is very simple. AGC provides drivers with more flexibility, shorter stops, and more space and comfort for passengers.

FAG provides tapered roller bearings and axle boxes for all AGC models.

Modern rail vehicle design requires a high degree of passenger comfort, low noise and economy. The development of Schaeffler Group Industrial Department of rolling bearings used in railway transmission system makes this possible. Various ball and roller bearings are used in the guide of the transmission shaft. The bearing can be used such as deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearing and angular contact ball bearings of various types.

The increasing demand for control and monitoring systems in the field of railway transportation requires the full data collection of vehicles during operation. More and more wheelset bearing information is used in various vehicle systems. It includes speed signal, direction monitoring, and bearing temperature monitoring as an additional function of thermal operation monitoring.

Schaeffler group's industrial sector developed a set of integrated sensors (with integrated sensor module) wheel set bearings, the product has been optimized to meet the requirements of railway transportation.
The sensor reliably transfers the velocity information to the wheel sliding and braking system, the speed indicator, the door closing mechanism and the rolling identification system. Identification of continuous temperature for early thermal operation.

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