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The reason and importance of SKF imported bearings can not work under long-term load

Release time:2021-12-17

Many people have asked why it is impossible to let SKF imported bearings work forever? This is because if SKF imported bearings are always working under load, then SKF imported bearings may be suspended in advance at any time, and even a little unpredictable damage will occur. Therefore, do not let SKF imported bearings forever Load work.

The correct installation of SKF imported bearings is a guarantee for the extension of their application life. Many people do not have professional knowledge in this area, so they are not particularly in place when installing them, which can easily lead to improper bearing installation and machine running disorder. Therefore, as a professional machine protection engineer, you must inquire about the installation of SKF imported bearings.

When SKF imported bearings are rolling, the raceway surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing are in rolling contact with the rolling elements, so the running track is a dark surface, and the running track attached to the raceway surface is not abnormal, so it can be obtained. Know the load premise, so when disassembling SKF imported bearings, please pay attention to and investigate the running track of the raceway surface.

If you carefully investigate the running trajectory, you will learn that only radial load is cumbersome, large axial load, moment load, or extremely uneven rigidity on the bearing housing. It can be checked whether unexpected load has been added to the bearing and whether the installation deviation is too large, etc., and it has become a clue to investigate the cause of the damage of SKF imported bearings.

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