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Three methods of SKF bearing disassembly

Release time:2021-12-17

When disassembling SKF bearings, you must be careful not to damage other machine parts, such as shafts and bearing seats, because damage to other machine parts will endanger the compliance and life of the machine. Occasionally, the bearings are removed because of the need to protect or replace other machine parts. These bearings can be used from time to time. In this way, selecting the correct disassembly techniques and objects has become the basic requirement for reducing the hazard of bearing damage to ensure that the bearing can continue to be used. Disassembling SKF bearings is a job with inevitable hazards and very high requirements. Therefore, selecting the correct disassembly techniques and objects is extremely stressful for the hazards of lowering the risk of personnel. For different uses, mechanical, heating or hydraulic skills and objects may be required to disassemble the bearings safely, correctly and effectively.

Mechanical disassembly. Choosing the right puller is the part of work. Not only the type of puller, but also its very large disassembly force is a crucial prerequisite to ensure safe and convenient disassembly. Overloading of SKF puller may cause the robot arm or beam to break, so it should be avoided. Fracture may damage the bearing or shaft and endanger the operator. Under normal circumstances, the three-arm puller is more robust than the two-arm puller. Regardless of the environment, as long as possible, please apply the pulling force to the ferrule of the interference fit. SKF supplies a series of easy-to-use machines, hydraulic and hydraulic power-assisted bearing pullers to meet the needs of various SKF bearings.

Disassembly by heating method. The inner ring of cylindrical roller bearings generally adopts interference fit, which requires greater force for disassembly. In this environment, the use of a puller may cause damage to the shaft and bearing ring, and may endanger the operator. The use of heating equipment can facilitate and quickly disassemble, and reduce the hazard of damaging the inner ring and shaft. SKF supplies a series of heating equipment, including aluminum heating rings, adjustable and fixed induction heaters, used to disassemble the inner ring of cylindrical roller bearings.

Hydraulic disassembly. SKF hydraulic technology always disassembles larger SKF bearings and other machine parts skills. This technology requires the use of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic nuts, and oil injectors to provide the necessary force for dismounting bearings or other components.

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