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INA bearings

INA bearings

INA Bearing Schaeffler GroupÔľás INA Bearing Company in Germany, founded in 1946, so far, has more than 30 manufacturing plants and more than 30,000 employees, the development of a wide range of products: rolling bearings, plain bearings, linear rail systems, high precision products, engine parts.

INA needle roller bearings bearing areas of the world leader in the field of needle roller bearings and quickly expanded from the original to the wide range of products. Generally, INA bearings with thin oil and oil mist lubrication, lubrication of these have their own characteristics, but to meet the modern high-speed, high work load bearing rollers work requirements, may be considered more appropriate lubricating oil vapor.

Lubrication has a significant impact on INA bearing fatigue life and friction, wear, temperature, vibration, etc., the biggest outstanding characteristics of ceramic bearings no normal lubrication, bearings will not work. Analysis showed that the cause of bearing damage, bearing damage and about 40 percent are related to poor lubrication. Therefore, INA Bearing Lubrication is a good and effective measures to reduce the bearing friction and wear. In addition, the bearing lubrication is also affected by the heat, rust, sealing, easing the impact of a variety of effects.

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