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Industry information

To ensure the safe and stable work of SKF bearings, we must pay attention to these aspects

Release time:2021-12-17

SKF bearings are very important to machinery. Without SKF bearings, machinery cannot rotate. Therefore, SKF bearings are widely used in various mechanical equipment. However, in the process of using SKF bearings, we must learn to use them reasonably, and it is particularly important to ensure their safe and stable work. Therefore, we must pay attention to these aspects to ensure the safe and stable work of SKF bearings.

1. The clearance adjustment of SKF bearings must be adjusted to a suitable size

In the process of installing and using SKF bearings, the clearance of SKF bearings must be adjusted appropriately. The size of the clearance should be adjusted according to the working performance of the mechanical equipment used. If the clearance is too large, it will cause excessive Large impact force will cause great damage to the machinery. If the SKF bearing clearance is adjusted too small, it will cause poor lubrication and cause excessive wear of the machine.

Second, when choosing lubricants, you must choose the right brand

The use of lubricating oil and SKF bearings is indispensable for each other. It is especially important to choose the right lubricating oil. Lubricating oil is not the more expensive the better, but the choice should be made according to the specific working environment, with full consideration of pressure, temperature and To a certain extent, this is very familiar to many people doing engineering.

Three, must be maintained regularly

Regular maintenance of SKF bearings in the course of use is particularly important. Just like people driving a car, if regular maintenance is not carried out, basically after a period of use, its life will be greatly damaged. So be sure to keep a good record of time nodes for regular maintenance according to the time period.

As long as SKF bearings can do well in the above aspects, they will ensure their safety and stability, otherwise it will cause serious production accidents.

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