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Industry information

SKF's new type of wheel end seals can provide the ultimate performance.

Release time:2021-12-17

The SKF Scotseal X-Treme new wheel end seals for trucks and trailers have excellent reliability and high temperature performance. They provide a market leading 5 year / 500000 mile warranty for the truck and provide a 7 year warranty for the trailer.

Goteborg, Sweden, February 2, 2018: SKF's new wheel end seal design can greatly reduce the risk of premature failure of truck and trailer wheels, as well as high costs associated with accidental shutdown and vehicle recovery.

On the basis of the existing series of Scotseal Classic, Scotseal Long Life, Scotseal Pro and Scotseal Plus XL for the complete wheel end seal of the drive, steering and trailer axle, new products are added. Scotseal X-Treme provides higher reliability and longer life for the automotive service market and truck and trailer manufacturers under harsh conditions.

Scotseal X-Treme can extend the existing 3 year parts and artificial warranty period provided by Scotseal Plus XL to the market leading level: 5 years for trucks and 7 years for trailers to apply new products (TFO 5 and TFO7 for the skifu fault free operation guarantee program respectively). The new design includes the optimized primary and axial lip, the new metal element geometry, and the upgraded HNBR lip material. Through these new designs, the unique "waveform" lip design performance of SKUs has been improved to provide these market leading guarantees. Overall, these new functions provide wider lip temperature range, lower running friction coefficient, better drainage function and longer sealing life.

Due to the replacement of wheel end seals and relubrication of wheels, it takes about two hours, resulting in a rapid increase in vehicle downtime costs. Thanks to its innovative new seal design, the Scotseal X-Treme can halve the probability of unplanned downtime and significantly reduce the end failure caused by the seal problem. The new seal also optimizes the higher temperature generated by the brake system that meets the new "shorter stopping distance" regulations.

In early 2018, we will provide all sizes of Scotseal X-Treme seals applicable to most standard shaft types.
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