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THK bearings

THK bearings

THK company developed products to "THK" name to represent "Toughness (tough)", "High Quality (high quality)," and "Know-how (know-how)," the goal is to follow this through technology development and product manufacturing processes three principles to promote social progress and development of the industry.

1971 THK was established in Meguro-ku Tokyo, originally the name of Toho Seiko Co., Ltd .. 1972, THK became the first company to develop a method of linear motion through rolling contact the company and began manufacturing and selling commercial outcomes: Linear Motion (LM) rail. 1977 to further improve the production of the LM Guide. THK now has four integrated production and sales base: Japan, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

THK solved once considered difficult to solve the problem of linear motion rolling contact, THK's LM Guide enables machine tools and industrial robots for super-high-precision operations, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment capable of operating in the sub-micron devices. Recently, the system is also used in LCD production line, railway passenger cars, assistive vehicles, medical equipment, skyscrapers and accommodation and entertainment facilities. LM Guide range has broken all previous restriction

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