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URB bearings

URB bearings

URB Romania produced bearing the brand, bearing industry began in 1949, when the largest car factory in Bula Suo only one bearing workshop. 1953 Bell bit Germany bearing plant construction, in 1959 to meet the design level (annual output of 100 million units). In the same year, in Brasov an aircraft repair plant utilization of the plant, the establishment of cloth bearing weep Brasov plant. Now has a number of production bases in Turkey, Hungary, Belgium and other European countries.

URB bearings under the standard, radial clearance narrow range of countries, inside and outside diameter size deviation also strict requirements stricter than the general bearing. Quality standards in the bearing is also used ISO standard, Romania URB bearings technical conditions (International STAS-4207-70) as specified in the ISO standard 1WR same value.

URB bearings are widely used in mining, papermaking machinery, deceleration devices, railway vehicle axles, rolling mill gear box seat, rolling mill roll Michiko, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, all kinds of industrial gear, vertical seat belt aligning bearings.

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