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ZKL bearings

ZKL bearings

ZKL founded in 1921, is a study of the total amount of hair products manufacturing group, ZKL brand as Central Europe's largest general bearing, large bearings, special bearings, bearing manufacturing part, is Europe's three major brands (SKF, FAG, ZKL) one.

ZKL bearing has eighty years of production and R & D history, so ZKL Group grow as a reliable global bearing manufacturer and get a considerable number of industrial enterprises qualification, such as the German TUV certification; (it is the world's the highest and most demanding and most authoritative certification body) Czech special industry certifications (for Ukraine and the Russian military); EU railway certification; high-speed rail Czech certification; German military, and many other environmental and quality certification.

ZKL bearing product type bearing cover 78 percent of the market, of which 80% of capacity for export, mainly to Germany, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa, India and the Far East, South America, producing a variety of high precision and high-quality bearing products, provide the best quality core components for the automotive manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, mining machinery, wind energy, power machinery, high-speed trains, aerospace, MRT trains, industrial machinery, industrial machinery, CNC lathes, machine tool spindles, high-precision processing machinery.

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